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The company offers personal services to individuals. In this fast-paced world it seems like there is never enough time to remember or do everything. Let our personal services division assist you.


Each month around the third week of the month you will receive an e-mail containing those things (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special events, etc.) that need to be remembered for the following month. Your cost is $1.00 per month.


We offer on-line and/or local shopping services for you. Cards, flowers, candy, or gifts of all kinds can be ordered for you. Your additional cost is just $5.00 per transaction. With your agreement, we will draft your bank account for your purchase plus our fees.


New to the computer world and the internet? Let us help you. Machine set-up and basic training services are available to you at $25.00 per hour. Use as much or as little as you need. Phone consulting can also be done when you reach a snag.


Too busy to take care of those recurring bills or travelling for job or just for pleasure? We can take care of those for you. You can choose to have your bills sent directly to us for payment via bank drafting from your account or choose to call or e-mail us with your payment decisions which will be handled via bank drafting. Either way, your bills will be presented to the vendor on the date due and you will have the peace of mind that every thing is OK. Cost to you is only $1.50 per draft. We can handle your credit card payments via bank draft for you as well. Automatic authorization will be to pay the minimum unless you inform us differently by e-mail, by phone, or in writing via regular mail.


Perhaps you need other things that we can provide – let us know and we will be more than happy to consider your needs.

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