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This is a free service to merchants where checks are taken at the point of sale. A little known fact in the banking regulations is that a check can be presented one additional time for collection if it is turned into an electronic transaction. Once a check is returned, we take over. We immediately present the check again electronically. If it fails a second time, we call the bank on key banking days of the month (those days that traditionally have the highest volume of deposits). Now for the good part – you avoid paying your bank for the second NSF charge, you avoid the time consuming effort of collecting the bounced check yourself, and you and your customer avoid the hassle of a face to face confrontation thus maintaining good customer relations.

As an added bonus, we will let you clean out at least part of that shoe box where you store those twice bounced checks (what is popularly known as wallpaper). You receive 50% of the face value for any check collected that is less than 180 days old.

Now you can automate recurring payments to your business. Insurance companies have used this method of drafting customer bank accounts for many years. This service allows you to automate your process, receive your money on time, reduce your effort in follow-up (no more of ‘the check’s in the mail’ excuses) and you can save you money over other forms of payments such as credit cards. Consider the joy you will have when your recurring billings arrive in one batch on the designated day(s). For larger merchants, there is a way to process transactions directly into the ACH system.

With proper authorization, you can also use this method for taking check information over the phone or by fax. Using this method of paper drafting can save you money over credit card charges, speed your cash flow, reduce handling charges, and perhaps most importantly increase your customer base (those folks that don’t have or won’t use a credit card).

Selling over the internet will be the wave of the future. Now you can add an additional method of payment on your web site – on-line checks. This can increase your customer base and speed your cash flow for those customers that wish to pay by check. In addition, our rates are usually less expensive than the credit card charges you may currently be experiencing.

This service will also be the wave of the future. By changing the paper check into an electronic transaction at the point of receipt, you can speed the collection of paper checks, have the ability to go against a negative data base for problem accounts, greatly reduce the effort to ‘close out’ a cash drawer, and can even opt to have your funds deposited to one bank account should you have multiple locations.

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